EVERYBODY, it seems, likes to spoil their dogs but how many would go to the lengths Oreo received an extra special birthday for the dog that has everything after her owner threw the pampered pooch her very own dog party.

Sharma Priyamvada, her owner who lives in a salubrious part of New Delhi, India, allowed Oreo to “invite” 20 of her canine friends for dog cakes, dog snacks and rib-shaped special doggy biscuits for the high class dog bash.  

Given the wealth in the area, there is no shortage of pet shows to buy anything from dog toys to dog beds and onto dog leads and collars and dog grooming equipment to name just a handful of items.

The pet industry in India is growing at an incredible rate and this year alone is expected to increase in size by about 20 per cent.

Sharma's pets are typical of those belonging to wealthy Indians and they enjoy their own full-time maid and frequent visits to grooming parlours and also swimming pool parties.