GLOUCESTER dog owner Roger Utley has started a campaign against new dog control orders proposed by Stroud District Council that will mean his pet black Labrador, Inka, will no longer be allowed off her lead when out walking.

Roger, 61-years-old, allows Inka off her lead when out on her daily walks along the quiet lanes of Bisley but believes her walks would be confined to a lead as he describes the “onerous” and “wide-ranging” restrictions that appear on the draft proposal are passed.

So far the proposals have been meant with more than 50 complaints and Roger believes responsible dog owners in the area feel very strongly about the proposals.

Retired plumber Roger told This Is Gloucestershire: “Responsible dog owners would have no difficulty with the order other requirements to scoop poop and keep dogs out of children's play areas.”

But the part of the proposal that is causing the problem is to make it an offence to have a dog off a lead on any public road, pavement or grass verge which is within 4m of the carriageway, maintained at public expense and subject to a speed limit of 40mph or less.

It  is that part of the proposal that have incensed dog owners, a large number of whom have emailed the district council to protest.

People, parish councils and councillors had all now responded and following consultation a decision could be reached in the next two months.