GOLD MEDAL-winning London 2012 Olympic champion Nicola Adams paid for a TV to be installed in order that her pet Doberman, Dexter, could watch her compete in the Olympic Games.

The Flyweight from Leeds, Yorkshire, became the first lady boxer to win an Olympic Gold and Dexter enjoyed the moment with his devoted owner from the luxury of his room at Tingley’s Mypetstop, his temporary home during the games.

Nicola was so keen for Dexter to watch her during the games that she paid for a TV to be installed in Dexter’s room but this is no that an unusual occurrence.

 Mypetstop manager Sheli Dobbie said that an owner requesting a TV for his or her pet’s room does happen from time to time, although it must be pretty rare if not unprecedented for you to be required for animal to water his or her master compete in the greatest sporting event on earth!