TEXAS horsewoman Kelsey Brooke Thompson says that the Hidez Equine Compression Suit may have saved the life of her mare Velocity.

Volicity “tied-up” during the barrel race meeting at Crokett in Texas, and but for the quick thinking of Kelsey she may have died.

Kelsey said: “We sat there for 45 minutes waiting for her to relax and let the ace set in. She was still not getting better. After my mind stopped running for a second I remembered about my Hidez Suit and that one of its uses is to help horses that tie up!

“We immediately put it on her and within five minutes she was able to walk and was acting normal. I couldn't believe it! She ended up having to have 20 bags of fluid within the 36 hours and they do not know how she didn't have a heart attack.

“Thinking back on the situation, I truly believe that the Hidez Suit was our saving grace. I was a believer before in these suits but now Velocity will not go in a trailer without one on.”

A fully-recovered Velocity, below.