I ONCE had a friend who believed he had found the secret to attracting women. “It’s simple”, he reasoned. “Take a dog on the transport system – either train or bus – and the women flock to you."

The method seemed to work until he was killed after tripping on his dog’s lead and falling down the escalator at his local underground station.

It seems that a dog does indeed imbued its handler with a likability factor, if a recent poll carried out by tails.com is to be taken at face value.

One of its finding was the 30 per cent of people tend to have more affection for a celebrity if he or she owns a dog.

It found that the Labrador is Britain’s favourite breed. The Golden Retriever was second and the Border Collie third. Also in the top 10 of a survey that embraced 300 breeds were Boxers, Beagles and Pugs.

Paul O’Grady, whose show For The Love of Dogs is one of the most popular on TV, came out on top as the favourite owner ahead of Her Majesty The Queen. Others prominently positioned in that particular poll were Graham Norton and Simon Cowell.