COMPANY of Animals, the Surrey-based company headed by Dr Roger Mugford, has launched a 2-in-1 Tick and Flea comb to address the problem of flea infestation, particularly in the summer.

In the UK about one in 10 dogs and a fifth of all cats carry a severe infestation of fleas. They are the most common cause of fleas. They (fleas) are the most common cause of skin allergies in pets. It used systematically and regularly, the new comb can be a practical method of natural flea control and an alternative to reliance upon toxic chemicals, the makers say.

“Every dog walker should carry one on their key ring, ready for the rapid removal of ticks before they become too firmly entrenched under the skin, a spokesperson for Company of Animals said.

The flea comb also comes with a five-language guide to controlling parasites on pets and how to use this 2-in-1 device.